unable to use model releases

I’ve been waiting for a reply from support for almost 2 weeks now, without success, so I decided to try here. How do you guys attach model releases to your videos? I don’t see any option to do it. When I check the options below:

I get a very generic error at the bottom of the page and it won’t let me go any further (I’m sure that the error is somehow related to the “People” section because it disappears if I select “no” to question “Do you have recognizable people in this footage?”

I also tried to put my releases files to “releases” folder on my ftp account (and specify their names in CSV file), but I see they are not being attached to the clips.


It appears the Devs are looking into it. I bumped up the ticket priority to see if we can get you a response sooner :grin:


Thank you for increasing the priority, looking forward for reply from your team!

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