Unable to upload audio file into iMovie

I bought a sound track here and get the error "No importable File’ after trying to upload into iMovie. Both .wav and mp3 files.
I have mp3 files already in iMovie.
I have tried to convert the file into .aac and iMovie shuts down and iTunes does nothing
Any help would be appreciated.

HI @trussy
iMovie works great with the mp3, maybe you need to delete the old mp3 which is in the project and import the new mp3 file?

First of, can you play the wav file normally by previewing it in finder? Or play it back in iTunes? I’m assuming your on Mac.

Have you tried adding an extension to the file? Although this shouldn’t be necessary. Simply renaming with a .wav at the end if it doesn’t have the file extension.

Thanks vmv but I can’t get any type of file for this set of music files to load.
I received 8 different files (4 x .wav & 4 x .mp3 of different sizes) and none will load.
I have the files on an external HD and when I download onto my PC they play great.
It won’t upload into iTunes on the Mac Air and if I try to play via QuickTime it uploads zero play time.

Thanks Abnorm
I can’t even play from finder in QuickTime let alone iTunes.
I have played with the extensions and shortened the file name etc but no play

Can you see the bit rate in these files? And how much free space on your Mac book?