Unable to update PHP version 8.2. How to fix it?

Unable to update PHP version 8.2. How to fix it?
Looks like a problem with the td-composer plugin.

Have you tried to contact the item author?

How to proceed ?

The test is over.

it is too soon for php 8.2…
Use php 8 for now wait a few months to get adapted correctly in WordPress.

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8 Not just 7.4, what should I do?

Item support are being provided by the authors ( its own authors )
If the author is not providing any free support for the item, you don’t have much options :

  • You need to use the item with the supported version of the PHP/WordPress
  • You could look for another item to change it
  • You could get some paid support to get it updated on your website ( I’m available for freelance for if you’re interested in, you can contact me )

We buy themes and license them. But why is there a problem?

Please contact your hosting support and tell them downgrade PHP 8/8.1 or you can use PHP 7.4 until the next update (with PHP 8.2 compatibility) from the theme author will publish. You can contact theme author (you can use theme Comments page and post a comment) and ask them when they will make an update.


Can I continue using php7.4? and wait until next theme update to support php 8.2 thanks

ในวันที่ อ. 28 ก.พ. 2023 เวลา 16:31 mgscoder via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

yes you can but you should use PHP 8 as soon as possible.

I can’t use php 8.0 either, I’m using theme version: 12.3. Why it works on 7.4 only?

ในวันที่ อ. 28 ก.พ. 2023 เวลา 18:55 mgscoder via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

It is because the theme is not compatible with PHP 8.x.x. You should ask directly to the theme author.

thank you

ในวันที่ อ. 28 ก.พ. 2023 เวลา 20:16 mgscoder via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

thank you

ในวันที่ ศ. 3 มี.ค. 2023 เวลา 20:41 frankr40 via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> เขียนว่า:

:frowning: here are ways around this if you have themes or scripts not yet compatible with PHP versions and it involves editing the Htaccess file. We have done this successfully on some of our websites and client websites when running scripts that were designed for example 7.1 but will not run on 7.4, 8 or above.

It’s difficult when things keep changing for sure :frowning: