Unable to start a refund process

Good morning, I recently purchased a theme on your website and I need to refund my purchase and get a different theme, also on your website. When I go to the refund page, it tells me " You don’t have any refundable purchases".

I was under the impression there is a money back guarantee policy if something is not right. I have a lot of issues with the theme I purchased and the support for it is lacking. I need to finish my project and get a better theme.

Can you please help me out?

There’s no ‘money back guarantee’ - an item would need to be broken to warrant a refund https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- outlines the policy and process

Well in my case, there are issues with the item. How am I able to receive a refund in that case? I spoke with Elated-Themes and they said I needed to speak with Envato Market

The author can authorise the refund.

If they are suggesitng that you talk to envato then they may question the issues you are having or the causes (impossible for anyone here to judge), in which case you need to open a ticket https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Thank you for the prompt response. I cannot open a ticket because once I click that link it tells me “You don’t have any refundable purchases”. There is no option to open a ticket and Elated-Themes is making a bunch of excuses. Nothing works the way it should. The theme is not responsive and displays horribly on other devices. The menu is all buggy and overall the theme is poorly optimized.

Is the theme in your downloads page www.themeforest.net/downloads?

You cna open a general ticket and use that method - jus tinclude purchase code info etc. https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thank you, I found another method to open a ticket on here as well. Hopefully I will get my refund, I can’t believe I am dealing with this.

Edit: Once I checked the link you provided me with, I noticed that’s the same link I found. Thanks to your previous link. I submitted a refund request. It is an honest request and I hope they will just refund me without having to deal with any more headaches. I really need to finish this website.