Unable to register new Avada

Just purchased new Avada and have generated an Envato token.

When I enter and submit the token, the spinning wheel just continues to spin and spin, and never stops.

Any help appreciated


You can create your api key from here

You can get help from avada documentation

Follow the avada documentation hope will be helped!


As I said in my post, I have succesfully generated the api key (i.e the Envato token), when I enter and submit it via the Avada dashboard, the spinning wheel just keeps on spinning, i.e there is no response from the Envato serve.

There is no error message

then get in touch with avada author @ThemeFusion @ThemeFusion_Support hope they will help you out from your issue.

Ok, I’ve submitted a support ticket, but I guess that it could take a day or two to get resolved which is a shame.

Stop Press!! Just tried to register again, and it worked… phew

I hope you will get soon reply from item author. Its depending on totally author indicating/mentioned time.
At here we can send you there to get solution but we can’t solved your issue it isn’t our hand.

Thanks, it’s all working now, took about half a dozen attempts though.

Seems like they have a problem with their server

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Did you just keep trying? I’m having the same issue. Everything was generated correctly, yet stuck at the spinning wheel