Unable to reactivate SLIDER REVOLUTION


I am French and I do not speak English well.

I bought SLIDER REVOLUTION, I was able to download it once with the key and install it.

Having had computer problems. I had to uninstall everything.

But when I want to reinstall it, it’s impossible. When I want to remove the domain it tells me that this is not the right information.

Plus when I go to my Envento account. It does not appear that I bought it.

Who can help me ?

Thank you.


Je suis française et je ne parle pas bien l’anglais.

J’ai acheté SLIDER REVOLUTION, j’ai pu le télécharger une fois avec la clé et l’installer.

Ayant eu des soucis informatiques. J’ai dû tout désinstaller.

Mais quand je veux le réinstaller , c’est impossible. Quand je veux enlever le domaine ça me dit que ce n’est pas les bonnes informations.

De plus quand je vais sur mon compte Envento. Cela n’apparaît plus que je l’ai acheté.

Qui peut m’aider ?


Hello :smiley:

First, you need to find the account that you bought Slider Revolution on. Purchases don’t disappear so you must be logged into the wrong account. Try requesting a password reset for all of your emails. If you can’t find it, contact Envato Support.

Then, you should log into that account and contact Slider Revolution for help with activating your license again. You can contact them here: