Unable to purchase using master card

unable to purchase from evanto. tried using mastercard, paypal

Hi @jeriljose7,

Welcome to the forums! We’re sorry to hear about the problems. Please contact Envato Help and Support to investigate possible issue.


He will make ticket - okay. But I think you should inform your Envato Team about this problem. If there is problem with TWO completely different payment methods like card a and paypal… hmm this may be more serious problem. :wink:

This doesn’t have to be a problem with payment methods and may have something to do with the account itself. Either way users should make a report themselves and provide as many details as possible, this is the only way such cases may be resolved.


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Problem exist for Master card on both payment methods. Anyway i proceed with vissa card. so you can check payment log and track the issue. thanks.

If the CC doesn’t work and it’s connected to PayPal, PayPal could try to charge from the card as well. It won’t work either way

Yes you’re right. I forgot about this option on paypal because I am not using paypal because I think this service is a JOKE :slight_smile: there’s tons of way better wallets.