Unable to open shortcode icons in a new tab


Does anyone of you know how to help:
(I haven´t been able to get a response from the theme author now for two months and I have tryid to solve this for too long without a result. )

My problem is that icon links do not open in a new tab. It should work like this:

[icon url=“https://www.facebook.com/user/” newtab=“yes” size=“15px” color="#999" icon=“fa fa-facebook”]
But no. I have tryied target="_blank" rel=“noopener” and target=“blank” in the tags, but no.

If I don´t use an icon but instead just text, it works (like this)

But, in the footer, I would prefer all the social media links to be as an icon instead of text so I´m not giving up yet.

Any help from you guys?