Unable to make payment in Envato Studio, "CVV required" even though CVV is entered

Hello, I try to pay an accepted job proposal. On the payment page I enter the credit card details - including cvv. Still I get a red error message stating that CVV is required, just as if it is not entered at all, even though it is entered and it is correct. I have triple checked credit card details and have tried 2 different credit cards. I have sufficient funds on both cards. I have contacted bank and on neither of the cards, they have any attempt - failed or otherwise, the bank system is not even contacted so there is something wrong with Envato payment system. I submitted a support ticket but they say 4-7 days before response, and I want to pay asap of course. I dont have a Paypal account and to create it and fill it with funds will lock it down and require validation with ID etc which takes days. Also Paypal have expensive fees. Any suggestions?