Unable to install WhatsApp clone using IONIC, Socket.io

I bought this code, that is a WhatsApp clone using IONIC. Now this file will not extract.
Gives this error. Gives it for a numer of files. Do skip skip but then it does not end only.
Skipping file: unable to create a sensible filename out of “C:\Users\QC-Machine\Google Drive\dataCode\allFiles\Ionic Code\WhatsappChat iOS 10 V 3.0\node_modules\gulp\node_modules\gulp-util\node_modules\dateformat\node_modules\meow\node_modules\loud-rejection\node_modules\currently-unhandled\node_modules\array-find-index”.
Basically it can not create folder and then a file in it.
Has no one bought this item ? Or is it something to do with Windows 10 that am getting this error.
Please help.

The error message you’re getting implies that the file path is too long. Windows has a strict limit of 260 characters for the full path.

You can try renaming folders to make them shorter (such as “whatsapp” instead of “WhatsappChat iOS 10 V 3.0”).