Unable to import from Wordpress dashboard.

Firstly, I am a complete novice when it comes to ‘computer speak’ I see some of the questions and answers and haven’t a clue what it’s about!

I successfully downloaded my theme ‘vino’ from Envato site.
My web guy uploaded it to a sub section of my Wordpress website dashboard.
He called it a staging area so I can import the new theme and work on it until I’m ready to go live (which is fairly urgent, I must add!)
So, I click the import for the demo site and choose to download all, include media files and the first attempt hung at 20% and all other attempts with or without including the media files have stopped and hung at 90% - in fact, I’ve just checked - it’s still there from yesterday at 90%. There’s no error message, it just hangs.
So, all fairly useless to me unless this problem is solved!

And, apologies, but I think I am in the wrong section.
Not the easiest thing to navigate, these forums!

Usually this would be a hosting issue
Did it just stall or time out completely?


Thanks for reply.

It stalled. It’s still stalled 24 plus hours later.