Unable to get qualified for Quality Standard while uploading items

Hey, I’ve been trying to upload several different type of logos on Envato Graphicriver, but unfortunately, unable to qualify. I don’t know what’s the issue. I’ve seen people with more simple logos getting qualified than my professional minimalist logos. It would be of great help if someone is caring enough to guide with my first upload.

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You need to share preview image examples here if you want feedback

Hi! You can share your work here, so that the senior and experienced persons can see and give their feedback and you’ll be able to learn more this way.


I’m also face this problem . Please senior guide us why are items are rejected?

Most of these pictures have poor quality. Perhaps they look nice on your phone or tablet, but, when seen on a computer display, the quality is low: they present focus issues, overexposed areas, and a huge etcetera. I think you have to Resubmit it.

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@DesignSomething @n2n44 are better placed to answer this

hi this would be better to post one by one in a thread, this is easier to comment in detail as soon as we have time without having a “novel” to write. Anyway, let’s start with what I think about your items indeed.

Real estate / powerhouse
first of let me tell u that this is a very confusing presentation, it looks as if u were not selling one logo but two … which is something that I have never see here , in the first place. Besides, I am not sure that u aware of this, but as for I know, bundles can only be made with approved items, at least for these categories, of course … Then, whether we deal with one or the other, actually, in both cases, there are a bit the same “environment” and mistakes. First of, u have something looking very simple, which requires very little execution time and which turns out to have some commercial value in the process. As a reminder, for a customer to buy, there are two main alternatives, people have to feel like that they will save some time out of buying, or they must have the feeling that buying this will enable them to offer a product that goes beyond their personal skills and knowledge. None of the conditions are here at the moment. In addition, sorry to say just this but the concept of both logos is rather flat and for the real estate logo, this is hard to understand what the concept is all about, to be honest. the typo is rather simple and flat too, for both templates. Paradoxically enough , even if I tend to prefer the power house one, there are even more wrong things about it than with the other one, to tell u how I feel. The imbrication is not good enough at the moment and there is a multiplication of shapes that makes it “detailed but still simple and flat” in a way … the difference of strokes is unbalancing the creation, too, if u ask me … otherwise , for both logos, the colors do not look particularly relevant to me indeed and having alternating colors in the text part is making your work spring out less and contrast less, too, which is already a subsequent mistake

honestly, in my view there is nothing really ok with this logo. The kerning is not the proper one, in the first place. then, the text part and the illustration are completely dissonant , in my opinion. One is rather squared (text part) and the illustration is rather curvy. The obvious result is that there is very little harmony being generated by this combination. I also have a bit trouble to identify what is the “target” (targeted audience, if u wish) of both this concept but it seems to me that the commercial potential of this item is quite limited and maybe the review teams have been feeling the same. There is also an issue of proportion text part and illustration , then, title with tag line, nothing looks properly balance right now, according to me … the spacing and imbrication definitely need to be improved, in my view, too. The presentation of the template is not bad thought, but honestly , I am wandering what the logo would look like in one color version, as, as for I know, this is a requirement for logos. It does not seem that u have one right now, is that correct?

soccer ball
the logo is tasteful and I do not really see anything being absolutely wrong about it , but , to tell u how I feel , I tend to believe that u have stopped a little bit in the middle the way and that the logo could have been improved with adding shadows and other things that would have brought some real additional value to the template, according to me. Right now, as such, the logo looks quite retro style. A touch of modernity is missing and I am also wandering how u would introduce a “horizontal version” which is demanded , as for I understand …

besides, talking about, maybe asking for someone to confirm would be good indeed but it seems to me that this is missing at this stage and that this is a problem to get the product accepted and indeed, u have none with al the logos that u have showed here