Unable to generate a personal token.

Hello all,

I’m trying to generate a personal token in order to use my recent Avada Wordpress theme. When trying to generate token i receive the following error : -

The api.envato.com page isn’t working

api.envato.com took too long to respond.

I’ve tried using Chrome and Firefox. Anybody have any ideas?



+1, same here. I’ve tried multiple workstations, browsers, and incognito mode.

I managed to install the missing plugins and demo content following the instructions located here :-

  1. https://theme-fusion.com/avada-doc/getting-started/how-to-register-your-purchase
  2. https://theme-fusion.com/support/documentation/avada-documentation/#page-item-389048

So at least I’m able to continue working on my new client’s website. I am, however, unable to register for a token in order to get template updates etc.

Hope the above helps if you’re in the same situation I was in.


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The api.envato.com page is now working.


envato please add the minimum permissions needed to the generate a personal token page so we can activate the theme. We shouldn’t have to go to another themes developer page to find this info. Here is the minimums so you don’t have to click on another link to find them:

Under the ‘Permissions Needed’ section, make sure the following checkboxes are checked:

View Your Envato Account Username
Download Your Purchased Items
List Purchases You’ve Made
Verify Purchases You’ve Made

Guys! Follow the instructions in this link: https://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-market-plugin-guide/

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Thanks for the link @krishnakumar_ka :slight_smile: