Unable to Edit the page i have full version copy


I am unable to edit the pages as per my requirement and also the demo was different and one i have installed is different


Hi @provisionhop,

We need more details from you. Could you please provide us with theme name?



I have Megashop theme and the demo has many option and now after installing it is plain page need your support on the soon as the webshop need to be live in next 2 days


There are too many Megashops on the market, you need to be more specific:

Anyway I suggest contacting theme author as they will provide you support quicker than official discussion board. Don’t forget to log in with the account you used to purchased your theme, this will speed up the process.



WordPress themes won’t look the same as the demo until you import demo content or create your own.

This is almost certainly covered in the documentation although it’s quite likely that product images will not be included due to distribution rights.


I am not looking for image i want the features which was shown in demo


Check the documentation which will cover how to install demo content - this will make it look more like the demo


Dear Team,

Sorry after installing the demo theme my site is in completely mess. I made
mistake by purchasing the theme from you as i am not getting proper help
also. Completely disappointing for me



Have you read the documentation on the item? It is rare for this to not include setting up the basics.

Installing the demo content usually is only part of the setup and you may well need to assign front pages, menus etc.

Although support does not cover installation or how to use items I would strongly suggest getting in touch with the author (support tab above main item image on the marketplace page) as no one can help you from these forums esp. no without knowing what item the issue relates to.