unable to customize the PURCHASE THEME in ORION theme

hi, i cannot customize the PURCHASE THEME in ORION theme. please i need immediate support.

What’s the issue you are having?

unable to customize purchase themes button in home page slider

You need to contact the theme author - it’s hard to give a link as there are multiple Orion themes but if you look above the main image on the item page there is a “support” tab with instrucions

i have issue in the CREATIVE AGENCY theme, on the slider i cannot customize ‘PURCHASE THEME’ button.

As above there are multiple themes with these names - you need to:

  • Visit the item page for the theme that you bought on ThemeForest

  • Click the “support tab” above the main image

  • Follow the instructions to contact the author.

Unfortunately, no one in the forums will be able to help with theme specific queries.