Unable to BUY, help center totally defunct

I am (was) a returning customer, and sure I didn’t expect any trouble buying a subscription.
However the system kept bumping me off with those “whoops” messages like “we’re having problems logging you in”. Which is bull, because I am properly logged in: I was required to enter a passcode emailed to me as an added security measure, and I was logged in alright.

Nevertheless, as soon as I hit “get subscription” the message appears, and I get logged out.

This SERIOUSLY disrupts my workflow.

Moreover, and worse than this, is that there is NO HELP. Yesterday my wife attempted to get subscribed using her own account (separate from mine), got into the same trouble, left a help request - 2515071 - to no avail. My ticket 2515510 is unattended, too.

What is it, some sort of brave new reality, or the end of service?

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Presumably it was this support you sent a ticket you? They will reply ASAP

Envato Elements Help and Support

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Nope, I didn’t try different options - I tried different shops.
With all respect, if I see my money not welcome in place A I am not looking for tricky ways to force my way through, I just give business to places B, C, or D.