unable to access my account

I have been able to access my account only twice, since then the system doesn’t recognize me anymore. I get a message that I need to enter a pass code, but I don’t recieve one.
I can open my account, but downloading is not possible: I need to buy a subscrition. My creditcard tells me that I have paid for a subscription.
And I need access very badly, because I’m in the middle of a project…

Help center doesn’t respond: made a ticket a week ago… still waiting.
What to do now???

Hi @marinusvroom,

Hope you created help ticket at envato elements: https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
please wait, hope envato elements support team will reply you soon.

Thanks for your patience.

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Yes I have created a help ticket.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Marinus Vroom

i can’t show my creditcard info because I can’t upload as a new user…
Envato 61 3 8376 628AUS (35,09)

I will terminate the payments via the card and start a new account.
That’s the only solution I can think of, because I need access asap! I’m in the middle of projects! I

All info I can find on your site says I’m a new user since 11/28/2021 ! Nothing about my earlier downloads and visits as a subscribed member.

Marinus Vroom

It will suspend your account permanently. and you may not create any new account. So, please try to figure all issues through envato support. Thanks

I can’t think of any other option. Unless Envato checks what happened asap. I can’t keep on waiting, I have clients to serve myself.

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