Unable to access https://elements.envato.com/ for more than 2 days now

I have been trying to access https://elements.envato.com/ to renew my subscription and get a template for a project with a deadline of tomorrow but I am unable to access https://elements.envato.com/ for more than 2 days now and its honestly frustrating. Please how do I proceed at this point because I can not miss the deadline for tomorrow. I just keep get the page in the image

There’s a known issue with Elements currently and I believe Envato is working on it to fix the problem

Any updates on this issue? Is it resolved now?

It seems so, yes

I just checked and whenever Iogin it gives me a client reload error, then when I refresh, it brings up we are sorry page again. This is on Envato elements. Am I doing something wrong?

Tried with a new browser? Could be cache/cookie issue ( you can clean-up and re-try )

I just tried with firefox and opera still same issue

I just downloaded and tried Microsoft edge and still same problem. https://elements.envato.com/

This is a pretty common issue but I’m not sure what the solution is. I believe it usually happens after you reached some amount of the download ( even it says it’s unlimited, you cannot download all the items )

If this is the case, you may need to wait few more days. If not, better to contact Elements support.

I am also facing same issue. It’s showing same screen to me always since a long time. Did you received any update on this issue ?