Ultimo CloudZoom slider - modification.

Hello there,
Looking for some help to make modifications in Ultimo theme.
Ultimo itself is pretty nice and flexible but I would like to change some things in it.
For example on product page if is used on mobile instead of displaying “One” image of product - change it to slider and display each “thumbnail” also it gives customer an opportunity to see all the “thumbnails” just swiping them.
Next thing: depending on screen size slider will change from 1 in mobile (small devices) to three in medium sizes and to 5 on desktop (full size).
And it actually works but all the modifications were made inside the template.
Because my Magento knowledge is still not as good as I need to complete this project
Mobile - only one image at a time (slider)
Medium - main image and slider (3 thumbnails)

Full size - main image and slider (5 thumbnails)
It works but the way Ideveloped it seems not to be a “Magentoish” :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to contact me via this link to work directly ( I could offer some discount ) or you could purchase the service from the link below:

Great thanks,
I will customize it myself, $300 is quiet a lot so thank you for that :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually … I’m almost done :wink:
Was just not sure how to do one thing :slight_smile:

That’s why I offered discount in case of if you’d like to work directly- anyway, good luck!