Ultimate Video Player Wordpress Plugin - Presets dissapeared

Ultimate Video Player Wordpress Plugin was working fine and the preset field and the installed and new preset I created was gone , you can still see the pulldown but it has nothing in it and all the videos and players dissapeared.[Picture of the General Settings and Main settings (https://rraadvisors.com/url-pics/)

Please help, Thank You


Please send me a private message. We will figure it out.

Tibi - FWD

Hello Tibi, This is my first time using Forum and I think this will get to you now, in private, I have tried several other methods:

Please know I love your products and intend to purchase your mega pak as soon as I get past this issue with you. Please let me know when i can expect your help to fix this bug, I am getting desperate.

The Issue:
I purchased, downloaded and properly installed your “Ultimate Video Player Wordpress Plugin" for the first time Jan 30th,
As instructed I branded the and named the pre-set and created a playlist with about 11 videos which I posted and was very impressed and happy, I loved the plugin, it played and looked fantastic.

All of a sudden the player disappeared leaving only the short code text in the text box in the page I created for the player. I went back to the settings and the “pull-down menu” critical to select either the installed or my customized preset player was empty and I could only see the pull-down control and field at a fraction of the original size and could not see any selections through the small field still visible.

My WP is up to date, my Enfold Theme is up to date and i have no other player plugins active. In my several attempts to solve the issue, each time I rebooted my computer deleted the app, purged my WP cashe and browser cashe, then downloaded a new copy of the app from the Envato site then install and activate the app launch the general settings, each time, the same problem.

here is a link to my site I am working https://rraadvisors.com/
and the screenshots https://rraadvisors.com/url-pics/

below and attached is a screen shots of the settings interface and page install widget

Thank You

David MacEachern

Please write to me at or leave me your email here. It seam that I can’t post my email here. You can find mu email in the documentation.