Ultimate single.php

Well, I am pretty sure that this is not very hard to create.
Maybe, a plugin author is interested in creating a plugin from my idea to sell on CC (WordPress Plugins).

Ultimate single consists of two areas. The first one is for filters, the second one for content.


The filters can filter these:

  1. post titles (also custom posts, pages)
  2. categories, taxonimies
  3. custom fields
  4. post formats
  5. post types
    more to suggest
  • Filter Reset

for every filter, admin can decide, if he wants to sort by id, slug, name, date, modified, views, rating, etc. or let user dcide. He also can decide, if


Here is where the magic happens. If user select a post title the Content becomes the content of the single post/page/custom post type
If he filters anything else, he get a loop of results until there is just one left or a result is clicked. The loop will then switch to single content.

Reset will always show the loop

The starting loop is configurable by admin, so if he wants just to show posts from a specific post type in a specific order, than he can do this.


switching layouts for loop
translate slugs (specially for post formats, post types).
using as a visual composer element.

I think, there is not something like this so far.
The plugin should use ajax to change the content of the “CONTENT AREA” without reloading page.