Ultimate membership pro

I dont get a ticket number from Ultimate Membership Pro.

  1. I have placed several support tickets in the authors support system
  2. I get a confirmation from the system saying that the ticket has been created
  3. I dont get any email with the ticket number
  4. I cant open the support system to check the eventual answers

I have tried with several different email-addresse including a gmail-address but with no result
I am not using and abusive capsletter (which the author and perhaps noone likes)
I can receive email also from unknow email addresses
There are no incoming emails in my spamfolder
The author dont want to give any support in any other way but spends a lot of time answering my posts on the forums saying it is all my fault
I could of course change plugin, but after having spent hundreds if not thousands of hours building this one having thousands of daily users it is a risky and complex business changing plugins. I have almost 300 pages in my website.

Of course I can get a refund, but this is not about money, it is about beeing fair to my customers and giving them the service/products and respect they have paid for and deserve

Anyone, having a solution?