Ultimate Membership Pro Support


How do I contact the author of Ultimate Membership Pro when I don’t get s support ticket number by email as I should?
I used to have a support license but never got any responses from support so I cancelled the license.
I find the product very good but the support is non existing of you don’t get a ticket number.

Hi @RolfLLundqvist,

here is the support:

Click on the ‘Go to the item support’ button.


Hello, Thanks for the answer but that doesnt help. I know where the support is but the problem is that I DONT GET ANY EMAIL WITH THE TICKET NUMBER and therefore probably my question doesnt arrive to the author although I get a confirmation from the support system that the ticket has been created.

Without a ticket number it is impossible to read the (eventual) answers from the author


What do you mean by you “cancel the license”? That could have prevented the author checking what is happening

I mean that I earlier (half a year ago) had a license and created a lot of support tickets but never got any email confirmation with the ticket number, so after getting tired of having a plugin where I couldnt get any answers on my questions I finally decided to ask for a refund, which I also got. However the Ultimate Membership Pro is one of the absolutely best Membership plugins so I asked Elegant Themes (Divi Theme and Builder) to help me solve the problems with a plugin that they have nothing to do with. The have a completely different view on support so they have helped me out several times.

In the long run it is however not acceptable to ask a third party to give support for something they dont get paid for, so I paid for a new license for the support by Ultimate Membership Pro hoping that it would work this time, which it didnt.

So there I am again, having paid for a service that isnt given and a plugin that I have some problems with, although most of it works fine.


With respect not getting a ticket, ID does not mean that things are not being handled, and this does sound like the issue is not necessary at @azzaroco’s end and maybe be caused by your email?

In the item comments, the author replied (multiple times) in a matter of hours, so it seems odd that their support would then not be good.

Also, in the instance of your first purchase. Once you refunded it you not should not be continuing to use the plugin with or without the support Elegant or anyone else. You no longer have the license to do so or access to the updates (which could become a very important feature).

If I don’t get an answer them there is no solution and no support.
As I have another s new license i of course have the right to support.
How can you suggest otherwise?