Ultimate Membership Pro - limit by url?

Hello, my website developer is a bit stumped and we are trying to find a solution. I thought I would ask here is English is my first language and I could explain the situation better.

We are using UMP and wanted to know if it is possible to allow registration only for email addresses associated with customer urls, like a university? So, for example, if a university subscribes to our content and pays for 1,000 students to be able to register with an email associated with that university, is that possible? Will I need an extension for this plugin?

I would need to be able to set it so that each university has their own .edu url, and not just something such that anyone with a .edu email address would be able to register.

Also, we will have several products. The “products” are access to pdf files only viewable on our website. Some universities will want products A and B, whereas others may want A-D, for example.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


With a custom work, it’d be possible

Thank you! I appreciate your taking the time. :grinning:

Ki-themes, thank you for taking the time to respond! This is helpful. :grinning: