Ultimate Affiliate Pro - How to create Sub id's, or Tokens - for Affiliate companies to give to their in-house affiliates

I purchased Ultimate Affiliate Pro… I am bringing on Affiliate companies to help advertise my website. Reason for my purchase. We can’t figure out how to make sub id’s for these affiliate companies. What they want is : they want 1 account with my company, and then a system to give their in-house affiliates “tokens” or “sub id’s” so they can track their employees. They do not want their employees to all have to create accounts with me, in fear that their in-house agents will leave their company, and try to work out a deal with me directly.

Below is the message from the owner of just one of the companies :

"With literally every other advertiser we work with, we get one tracking url from them. Within that 1 tracking url from the advertiser, we append it to include an affiliate id. Then the affiliate pulls their own tracking link that dynamically inserts their affiliate id into the url from you, so everything reports back to one offer on your side and on mine.

My internal team manages upwards of 50 affiliate ids, based on what Facebook page we’re sending to, if it’s a broadcast message or regular message, etc. I’d have to set up way too many individual offers-- 20 at the absolute minimum, and we’d be having to track reporting on 20 offers. It’s just too much manual labor on my side." unquote

These company owners are saying to me that every single advertiser they work with has the ability to do this for them. They do not want their employees to create 50 different accounts in order to work with me.
My I.T. can not figure out how to make these “sub id’s” or “tokens” on your system. We’ve googled Sub id’s, and tokens, and the owners are correct, it seems that it’s a very common practice. So as to the owner of the affiliate companies, do not lose employees trying to make their own “deals” with the advertiser – aka – me.

How do we create this 1 account for the owner, and then give them the ability to track all of their employees of this 1 acconnt. The above company has over 50 employees ( affiliates ) that they want to track internally.

Please help as I am losing massive amount of business right now.