Ulimate Addons for Visual Composer

I am having an issue with the above plug in on my wordpress site, it appears to be slowing down the back end of the website when trying to look at pages, if I deactivate it then the site working normally, but then when you do that the front end of the site doesn’t look correct, so I need to activate it to keep the site looking good,

I wondered if anyone was able to help me out with what the issue could be or how to fix it, I am running wordpress 4.9.4 and the theme is Brainstorm.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Luke

Hey Luke you should ask for plugin support by following this link:

Thanks for the reply, it takes me to a link where it is asking me to purchase the plug in for 25 dollars?

Sorry I am not very clued up on this sort of stuff so trying to find the best route.

Thanks Luke.