Ukraine is locked! Mistake? Help!!!

Odessa is locked too…(

Hey! Zaporozhye locked.

Kiev is locked

Kramators’k is locked.

Dnipropetrovsk is locked!!!

Lviv is locked

Keeping calm!Looking forward!Winning!:gift:

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Berdyansk as well(
At least we would know about each other))

Guys don’t panic. All are waiting for an official statement from the team envato.

Kharkiv is locked!

Ukraine is bloced. I hope a Envato fix this error.

Heh, exactly. We’ll create our own bar with blackjack and … templates!


WOW, Kryvyi Rig (Ukraine) is locked too.
I am shoked.
Its happened when I kissed off myself from my main work by lawyer. It hapened when I have been decided to connect my life with music.
Just shock.
Without any words.

Mykolaiv blocked :frowning:

Твитните им кто-то по этому поводу, а лучше все

Vinnitsa blocked

Hey man, dont panic. We hope it is a big mistake and everything will be fixed soon!

Odessa was block

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The intention was to IP block Crimea, not Ukraine, and we are now looking into this issue for Ukrainian authors and buyers as a matter of urgency. We have created an official forum thread for this issue and will post updates there. I’m also going to close this one now to keep all discussion on this topic in one place. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience.