UK and US version of Wordpress Site

Anyone got any ideas how i’m best tackling this issue…

Basically i’ve got a WP site to build, But there’s a U.S and a European version - preferable under the same install under the same domain (only difference is text / image content really). So the main home page would be an svg world map and you can choose either U.S or European version. Which would then jump to a homepage and sub pages for each version. Here’s a sitemap that might give you a better idea.

My initial thought was to have the main landing page as the main url e.g. then when you click on a location e.g. US it jumped to the U.S homepage and all the sub page ‘About Us’, Contact Us’ lived under that hp as sub pages e.g.

European version being:

Now there could be some dup content issues, because the pages are very similar apart from the odd word changes, so i have have to use rel=canonical and just reference one page.

The next issue is trying to split the blog / news section - now the blog section is the same, so essentially i could just use 1 blog area e.g (which would be ideal). But if you went into the U.S area of the site and clicked on the news section, how would the main navigation at the top be able to reference which location your in to be able to to send you to the correct other pages? e.g. i go to the U.S section and in the main navigation i clicked on news and it jumped to: if i then clicked on ‘About Us’ in the header i would want it to jump to (because that’s the section i’m in) and not:

Any one done something similar before? any ideas or help would be much appreciated.


The most suitable solution I can think of is a wordpress multisite subdirectory installation with some customisation. If you want it in a single wordpress site it can also be done but you’ll need lot of changes for that. If you need any further assistance please contact me from my profile page contact form or send me a mail at