UI change for handling fees

Very nice! Happy holidays and keep up this pace :wink:

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thanks for the update and hope to see more reliable features

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You will lose customers because of this I will just buy it somewhere else. This means everytime I buy something I am charged 2 more dollars and that is gonna make people not buy. Watch and see.


Top Up credit system no longer avaialble?

The way I use envato is that I buy multiple items sometimes daily.

It really upsets me when during 1 day I would buy stuff for over 75$ but still have to pay multiple times the 2$ handling fee.

Perhaps you could add a feature that would charge us only once for the handling fees daily. I am sure that in the long run it would be beneficial for the buyers, sellers, and envato.


Snakje - Adding new credits to Envato Market accounts has not been possible since last October - you can still use any existing credits to purchase items on Envato Market, but the “add credits” option is no longer available. You can find more information about that change here:

ilayk - Thanks for your comment! I’ve passed your feedback on to our UX team. For now, the only way to avoid paying a Handling Fee multiple times is to bundle your purchases where possible. If your daily purchase totals are regularly over $75, putting them through as a single transaction would remove the Handling Fee entirely.

I am not a frequent user, but do use you on an infrequent basis, and have done over the last 6 years.

I always added in credits, but now i am being given an additional $2 charge, so what is advertised as $18 is now $24 because the headline rate doesn’t include Tax.

This means that without a change (and i don’t expect one) - i wont be using your services again. A pity, you provide a good resource, but there are consequences of adding a $2 charge to people. And for me, it’s me walking away


Thats right flag my post I have purchased alot here in the past, what happened to freedom of speech? My post was not offensive or inapprpiate at all.

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Hi @carondesign. Your post was flagged as it referred to competing marketplaces - please see our forum rules for more details.

As a general reminder, this announcement is about a UI change to the way fees are displayed, and the ways that Envato Market calculates and applies those fees.

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So, I get why people are annoyed. I myself finished a project in October, starting a new one right now and can’t say I knew that this was even happening. If I got the email, I can’t even say I actually read it. Just to be honest about that…

But basically what you’re saying is that we have to “pass the buck” so to speak, and charge an extra 2 bucks under 75.00.

My enterprise clients wouldn’t have much issue, but my smaller clients on a fixed budget who might not be able to spend 75 bucks a pop…being hit with that type of a “handling fee” can be major.

I can say for a fact I don’t always purchase 75.00 worth of goods. While I do have a subscription to Elements, I don’t always find what I need over there frankly.

For elements I have a subscription. Thankfully this does not apply there. But I can’t lie, I will be more careful on what I recommend going forward for my other smaller clients who need plugins. (and I happen to be very transparent on what and why I charge)


Out of interest, (just to be clear - purely after clarity from someone more recently experience in using products from here for client work) - with your work do you tend to find that Themeforest themes and especially CodeCanyon plugins are similar prices to alternative solutions? More expensive? Cheaper?

Our team do not use envato products on the same scale which we used to, however when it comes to items such as WooCommerce plugins for example, it did/does appear that licensing versions elsewhere seems notably higher cost, and often on a time sensitive model? Granted there are different support considerations etc. so we are purely interested on a ‘cost’ perspective.

Thank you very helpful article

Just wanted to add to the concerns that have already been raised. I have been a member for 8 years and I have always added credit to my account. Over that time i have spent thousands of dollars on hundreds of templates and music. When working on a project I purchase items fluidly throughout the process. I might spend $150 - $200 on a project, but almost never more than $75 at one time (in fact it’s usually via 7 or 8 separate transactions).

The extra $2 per purchase really rubs me the wrong way, and not just because it’s going to cost me an additional $10 - $20 per project. I can already tell you that it’s making me stop and reconsider spontaneous purchases. It materially changes the value proposition. I’d honestly rather you charge me a $50/ year membership fee - just to avoid the $2 fee per transition.

This fee effectively forces your customer to shop in a different way, particularly your loyal long term customers. Then if we choose to continue using the service as we always have, we are essentially penalized. I hope very much that you reconsider this woefully short-sighted pricing strategy.


Just discovered that you’re charging $2 extra per item transaction fees. I purchase items one at a time as I need it. The credit system was perfect for me, as I could add $100 and use it as and when I need it. My workflow means I never need to buy $75 items in one go, as the project evolves and I need items one at a time. Does any creative know what they’re going to need on Day 30 of a project at Day 1? No.

I’ll be looking to shop elsewhere from now on.


Thank your for this suggestion

If anyone wants to share their thoughts on my question above that owuld be great (envato, buyer sor authors). Thanks

Same as the other users here, I’ve used Envato Credits since 2015 to avoid the fees because I only purchase items one by one.
I’m not willing to pay theses “”“handling fees”"" knowing this money won’t even go the item author.
This decision you’ve made just shows how stingy your company became.
Won’t shop on Envato if you don’t remove those fees or bring back the Envato Credits System.

  • A disappointed loyal customer

We are also very unhappy with this change. We had a workflow where people within our organization could spend the credits. Now this credit system is over, we are face with a $2 handling fee for every order. We totally agree with jsireno. This is not the way to go. We also spend thousands of dollars at Envato. We will start to reconsider and look for alternatives.


They will regret this long-term. Not happy with these changes, I will be looking for alternatives too.