I’m in school for post production so I’m extremely green to this, Don’t bite my head off. I downloaded a file on here that was a MOV file right?.. ok. So when I downloaded it, it converted into a .zip file. I haven’t had any experience with .zip files and am extremely confused on how to open it, I’ve tried (& failed) at opening it for literally 2 hours now.! please someone explain how to open this damn thing!

Install Winrar or similar program that opens the zip file and open it.

What dgas99 said. You could also try Jzip.

Everything you download here will be in a zip… authors have to upload zips as their main file… it keeps everything tidy in one zipped up folder, and shaves a tiny bit off the overall file size.

When you’ve installed one of the recommended programs, you usually just right click on the file, select ‘extract all’ or something… and you’ll be good to go.