uhm.. does this track even play?

Does this track play for you guys at all?

I was just checking the stats… they are laughable for a fresh item.
Im trying it in different browsers, it does not seem to work?

edit: i am not the only one it seems… @KingDog @trent-aus @BenLeong can someone help??

Not playing for me.

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Oh this is great… another track thrown into the dumpster!
Should i talk to a reviewer so i can relaunch it? I dont want to enter a ticket and wait 10 days.

Houston…we have a problem.




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Same here Audiorya… and missing “simillar items” at the bottom as well… weird!

I checked my latest approved track and it works well, checked with others and works too, just to prove if there is a general problem.

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@KingDog @trent-aus @BenLeong

having the same problem.

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Doesn’t play.

This place is a complete mess.


Same here. I’ve checked 10 items and 2 of them had corrupted preview. Looks like bigger problem so I have to summon you @KingDog @trent-aus @BenLeong

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@RobertSlump you can add to topic name something like “(preview display bug?)” so staff can quickly find this topic during standard forum monitoring.

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Submit a support ticket…they seem to listen more than others

Same problem with several items in my portfolio.

This looks pretty bad. Submit support and flag thread for revision (already flagged it for exposure)

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Same here! Waveform missing at least we have sound! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks and done!

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Tracks are not played only on a separate page (page with description), but through the search or portfolio they can be heard. The error is not fixed. At least I can’t hear your track and 2 tracks in the “featured file of the week”.

All those authors affected by this should have their item’s re-released to allow for the market exposure that they have missed out on. It is only fair to them.