ugly truth of extended licenses




In my country during 90s taxes were very high, and no one was paying them… corruption was ripe.
In later 2000’s government realised this and decreased taxes to minimum, now everyone started to pay those taxes! government revenues skyrocketed.

I think extended license prices are too prohibitive, and even when buyer wants to use it in multiple projects, they will opt for normal license, because who will check? I think if we collectively decrease extended license price, there is a chance that buyers will start using it. Buying single license for multiple sites will decrease because you know, price will be reasonable.


If everything goes ok with the author driven pricing for the other Themeforest categories, then it’s likely it will be introduced for Wordpress stuff as well… so you’ll be able to set the extended license price to whatever you like.


yep, hopefully that will be the case. But without envato soft pushing it, it won’t happen by itself. You have to raise awareness that 0 sales at 900$ is worth than 2 sales at 250$


Ugly truth?

I keep finding my plugin included in a theme released on themeforest - at least once per month.

Still, I haven’t sold any extended license for months…(theme authors should buy an extended license for a codecanyon plugin every time they release on themeforest a new theme which includes that codecanyon plugin, but most themeforest authors do not know this)

So the ugly truth is that everyone (with a few exceptions) will create a temporary account, will buy your regular license and will do whatever they like with your item (themeforest or other). Unfortunately.


Why don’t you report those themes? May be Envato can help you to collect royalties.


Because I am happy they at least buy the regular license.
They could use the free w***z websites, but instead, at least they buy a license…


greenline, so you basically do nothing about it? i mean… dang, poor customers of the themes created by people who actually have no valid license for their extra plugins, furthermore lack of professional attitude if you do nothing!


You are such a nice author. However, you can send them an email and tell them that you’ve seen what they are doing :joy: Just to announce.


@greenline, not reporting those items is not a good thing. If you report those guys, they will get discouraged and no more such items will be included without a legal licence. By not reporting them, what happens is the following:

  1. You give them more confidence to do the same in future with your other portfolio items.
  2. Reviewers remain unaware about the issue and they approve the theme (unknowingly), which may later on question their approval process.
  3. If the theme gets approved and sells well due to your plugin (one of the factor), it is again unfair for other authors who worked hard and came up with original code. The sales of such items will somewhere cut sales of other genuine items.
  4. Imagine if other authors of popular plugins start keeping silence in same way. For example, if author of VC keep silence and allow inclusion with every released theme without extended license, what will happen to market.
  5. This will encourage other authors to follow same practice. They may send emails to other authors (under the hood) and ask them to include the plugin at regular license. Thinking, “At least I am getting a single sale as opposed to no sale”.

So please do not allow such things to happen. At least after knowing this is happening. W***z is a different matter which can not be solved 100%, but at least you can report these things. I wish you get many sales and success but in right way. :slight_smile:


I am pretty sure the licensing is that you have to still get permission to use it in a theme. An extended license doesn’t give automatic permission unless you openly say so in your item description. Which you could do but it prevents tracking who has used it without extended licence. Therefore anyone using it currently can be reported. They are profiting at your expense. You shouldn’t tolerate it.