U.S. Tax Filing Requirments.

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I got a letter form Envato about U.S. Tax filing Requirements and I am kinda confused.
Does anybody else got this and can help me out and tell me what to do next? It may be important to say that I am living in germany and already filled out the tax formular from videohive. Besides that I made around 150€ in the last 4 months.

Hope someone can help me soon.

Cheers Jona

Dies ist nur die amtliche Bescheinigung, dass deine Steuerschuld in den USA bereits beglichen ist.
Als Selbständiger muss man diese Bescheinigung 10 Jahre in den eigenen Akten aufbewahren und ggf. auf Nachfragen des Finanzamts vorlegen können.

This is only the official certificate that your tax liability has already been settled in the USA. As a freelancer, you must keep this certificate in your own files for 10 years and if necessary, be able to submit it to the German tax office if requested.

Alles klar dann werde ich die Sachen mal einheften. Vielen Dank für deine schnelle Antwort. :slight_smile: