Typography For HTML5 Theme

I am working on HTML5 Theme for Theme Forest, i am confused should i use just one font or many fonts? Another point is, that should i use same font, size, spacing etc for headings or can i use different? And is there any problem in using multiple fonts ? I need a brief guide on how i can make my theme typography great.

I mostly use 2(Body and Headings) and in some special ocassions i use a third one for special areas.

You shouldn’t really need more than 2-3 fonts to create your template/theme.

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It all comes down to your design but definitely mixing fonts up (within a sensible reason), hierarchy and styling are critical.

Personally I would always say don’t try and be too over the top. Too often you see (generally weaker) files here trying to be ‘unique’ or ‘creative’ by throwing in some random and brash selections that just end up feeling lost and out of place.

There’s loads of good inspiration sites like this or tutorials etc. like this.

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Thank you so much @Maxdp @charlie4282.