Typographic Hierarchy

The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work.


Please help me


Your item has serious typographic hierarchy issues. My first suggestion is to open some approved items and see how the typography is set there and learn how to improve it in your current item.

For example:

As you can see the paragraph color is now a gray style,the heading is bolder, using a new font. Btw, that font seems to be buggy, and its ugly(sorry but I have to be honest with you :slight_smile: )

  • Get rig of all letter-spacing - makes your typography nasty.

All your colors are set to black?! My suggestion is to use variations of black, but not black.

  • Question: Where is the navigation menu for this item?
  • Also pay attention to spacing between elements.
  • Add some sort of hover over OUR WORK items.
  • Make contact form smaller. There is a lot of unused white space there.