Type Hub not saving my changes

In the ‘Type Hub’ section of my dashboard my changes aren’t saving, the button greys and shows a spinning loader. Any advice on this would be great as it’s crucial to my site having responsive layouts/fonts.

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Why hasn’t this question received a response yet?

I am also having the exact same issue and would appreciate it if we could receive a response…Thank You.


Yeah frustrating this hasn’t received any attention. Was starting to feel like it was me that was causing the issue. I had to go direct to help@brandexponents.com to get help. And to be honest, I’m not even sure it’s fixed for me…

… it’s very temperamental in that sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn’t. And when it does save, the changes aren’t reflected in the front end at all (something I might investigate further since I might be doing something wrong myself).

Firstly, I’d suggest emailing brandexponents help to get a hands on reason why it’s not working for your account. For me, it was that my ‘mod security settings’ were blocking things (which the help were very good at diagnosing and suggesting ways to fix). I had to contact my hosting supplier to sort that out. Then, after a short period of it feeling like it was fixed, I had to contact brandexponents help again to sort the issue.

As I say, I’ll check now to see if it works (seemed it didn’t like me doing it in Firefox, but Safari was allowing/registering the save).

Would love to tackle this ASAP as it’s blocking so much of my portfolio work.

Same here, does not work. I have also sent 2 emails to the brandexponets email and no answer.