Two years no retail very sad is.!?😢

Two years no retail very sad is.!?:cry:
My two years in (3 docean) member
My two years in (3docean) memberI on 23 March 16 is an item that includes 44 animated 3d (3docean) But I have not even a sale. very sad…:cry:

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I think that much better way to sale 3D models is try something like TurboSquid.


And you can’t make a profit with a single item. Try to create objects for games. They are profitable, also if they are hand painted or realistic.

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:slight_smile:Thank you friends for help (To reply to the issue raised high) I again from you thank :heart_eyes::+1:

Oh I can see that…
The fact is customers are often come for a specific purpose, They don’t need all those in a single item
My suggestions for you my dear is to focus on one thing for specific use and do it right, it will make you and your customers excited for new items every time

" أعتقد ان لغتك هي العربية، لذلك بعطيك اياها بالمختصر، حاول تسوي مشروع واحد كل مرة و لغرض معين ، والله يوفقك ان شاء الله "

Best of Luck :sparkles:


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And…never give up!! :slight_smile:

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أشكر لك لي في الأيام المقبلة، نشر عنصر جديد وآمل أن لا يقل عدد قليل من المبيعات مع صورية (وبالمناسبة، فإن اللغة الرئيسية هي الكردية):slight_smile:
I thank you me in the coming days, published a new element and I hope that at least a few sales with sham (Incidentally, the main language is Kurdish):slight_smile:

:)),I registered 3 years ago but start become seller recently,I see that there is very few buyers at 3d models category.almost items were saled come from video hive .Turbosquid may be a better choice for selling 3d models