Two themes on a WordPress installation


I have set up a news website for a customer.
For this I used the WordPress theme Newsmag, and for the sports side the “fc-united-football-soccer-wordpress-sports-theme” should now be used.

Now we had the idea to build the sports area differently, speak with other elements and this to stand out from the normal side.
For this we wanted to use the page theme plugin, as this should give you the opportunity to use multiple themes.
But this plugin shows after I activate the theme on the bottom only a fatal error.

Then I researched further and found the “jonradio-multiple-themes” plugin.
So far, this theme was the most appealing because the functions worked so far.
But as I wanted to edit the page with the Pagebuilder Elementor the page was like before with the Newsmag Theme.
With the TagDiv Composer, the page has not changed.

I have also added an element to both pagebuilders, the elementor does not change anything … but the TD Composer shows a shortcode which does not make any sense.

There must be a way to use two themes or?

I appreciate any help.

Best regards

I’ve never heard of this plugin before, however you typically cannot use two page builders (for example, Elementor and the TagDiv Composer) on the same site as they will cause conflicts.

So why not just create a WordPress multisite installation instead? This multisite guide by Kinsta is super helpful (look under the “Activating Multisite Manually” section if you’re on a different host). It’ll be much easier for you to use different themes and plugins for various sections of your site.

Just double check that your hosting plan supports multisite, as some shared hosts don’t allow this feature.

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Edit @WPExplorer is right! Beat me to it :wink:


Thank you for your interest in our theme! Please note that we do not recommend using another page builder with our theme except the TD Composer, sorry! The Elementor plugin was not tested with our product and also, we cannot say for sure if it will work or not as expected with it. Further, if you need more technical assistance to our theme, please open a new topic at our support forum from here ->

Thank you!
Catalin L.