Two themes in one web site?

HI all,

Does it make sense to mold two theme.

The reason why is that I want Saas Template to be the contnent sites and the Foundation theme to be the actual "service " bsuiness directory / listing.

Hope it makes sens. Ps. I am not a developer but a marketeer with development skills, so I am looking for the easiest sollution for a MVp (minimum viable product)

Thank you in advance!

You could certainly try :smiley:

I think it would be a bit difficult to pick the bits you want from two themes and merge them together. But I’m not a developer either. I would probably go to one of the WordPress customization experts at Envato Studio :slight_smile:


I can help you on this if you’re interested in paid support:

For WordPress you can have two themes in one site.
Example : you can have one theme for shop and other theme for all, etc.

But is not something made in themes, or options in wp, you need to make this changes.

I know this because I already made this type of website on WordPress.

Best regards