Two Soundtracks Hard Rejected. Need Feedback.

Same track got rejected twice. For it’s mastering/mixing/sample quality and composition.
Track can be found here -

Maybe because there’s a pause inbetween each section? The motif is t he same, it just builds up and slows down again. The tempo is actually the same.

Second track is a first reject only for it’s sample quality/mixing/mastering. I’ve mixed and mastered this track twice before even submitting it.
Track here -

This track actually has a major pause later on but it didn’t get rejected for its compositions even though their article says that pauses are usually not good. Is there a fluctuating standard between their Audio Team?

To me, your strings and percussion are a bit “samply” sounding. The attack/decay on your strings is a bit pronounced, and what I mean by that is that each note sounds like climbing up and descending a hill, the end effect being that they sound like breathing, which isn’t very realistic sounding, as it’s not really the way strings are played. Granted, they COULD be played that way, but it’s not something I’ve ever really heard before…its just sort of distracting, and it’s probably not a good experiment for AudioJungle if you want to get something approved. The tone of the samples themselves are a bit synthy - I’d consider purchasing some higher quality sample libraries. Finally, unless you have a really good reason to mix orchestral instruments into non-traditional positions, it’s probably best to just follow a traditional seating arrangement, because anything else just sounds weird to people who are used to orchestral recordings.

Sorry to say, its not the samples or mixing mastering. They sound too empty and kind of depressing. Either than that you use too much reverb.

Thanks. The samples I use are quite outdated but they’re the only ones I can use without my PC being frozen or have cut outs when playng back sections of the composition. The strings used are 10 cellos lyr style, they are played in dynamic range, rising and then staying constant until the next chord comes in. I actually quite liked the effect of the strings as they sounded like they were breathing and thriving with the music, as if the ocean waves splashed against the ship. The actual track is called “A Ship to the North” The instruments themselves all have their own reverb pre-applied to them beforehand, it’s just how the samples work. I don’t actually add any reverb on top of that. The only instrument I adjust the reverb for is the piano, it has inbuilt room size and reverb controls.

Re: Dramatic Film Teaser - I hate to be harsh, but it’s conceptually not stylistically a piece of trailer music. Try searching “Trailer” on audiojungle and you’ll hear what I mean. No one uses just string chords and nothing else. Whether or not you liked the sound of the samples, by any standard view of them they’re not going to cut it.

Re: Ship to the North - This kind of sounds like easy listening from the late 90’s - the strings are soft and smooth which is nice, but they do sound like what they are - old samples. I don’t think this is something that a lot of people are trying to buy and imbue in their projects, and AudioJungle is only interested in what they think will sell.

Re: Computer - I’d suggest either write out sections and freeze them (or whatever function you have that can temporarily convert a track to audio so it doesn’t require so much processing), and unfreeze as needed. This is a major pain. If you write it out by hand first, then this is a lot easier since you’re not revising stuff all the time, but then you’re likely to sound rather old-school traditional, which is a problem. Otherwise, I think if you want to make money doing music, you’re going to first have to invest in tools which can produce quality sound.

Thanks for the critique. I can only include so many instruments at the moment so I try to use instruments fully and to their advantage. I think I might have more succes putting the Dramatic Film Teaser in a different category perhaphs, “Classical Orchestral” As the category is important based on if you get rejected or not, at least that’s what I think.

Ship to the North was inspired by several New Age soundtracks. I feel any track can be included in any piece of content. There’s millions of videos being released and created and there’s always a track for each scenario. I myself compose story driven pieces. A lot of film score music I listen to is very progressive and linear, with a main motif that builds up. This is what I lack. Film score music is widely versatile in what it can be used in, it has no long pauses. It can cater to various mediums and scenarios. I hope to use sweeping sound effects, crescendos in future tracks. Really Slow Motion does it really well, but it requires custom synth customization, or perhaphs sample libraries. Nexus Hollywood comes to mind and Juggernaut. Then there’s 8Dio Cage for Orchestral Percussion Effects and Hybrid Tools for FX.

I’m really not sure how much the category matters. The reviewers can change stuff in your submission if they feel inclined, so I suspect that if they think it belongs in a different category, they could just change it to fit. But maybe I’m wrong about this - can anyone confirm?

I’m not sure how the sfx etc relates to these particular tracks. They’re certainly not intense hybrid style pieces, so I don’t see how it would be appropriate to include Juggernaught or Cage in them. Also CAGE doesn’t include any percussion, btw :slight_smile:

However, if your computer can’t handle the samples you already have, I think buying a new computer should be significantly higher on your to-do list than buying hybrid tools. These kontakt libraries are fairly system intensive in comparison.

I wish I could :wink: I use what I have currently, trying to save up but it’s coming along slowly.