Two more rejections?

Hi guys

I’m very determined to sell my graphics on graphicriver; But the reviewers aren’t making things easy.
I’ve worked very hard on two new logo’s and they both got hard rejected.

Any feedback is welcome!
My personal favorite (wich I realy hoped that would get accepted) is the Nails logo.

Pixel Cloud Logo
Nail Studio Logo

Any help is grealy appreciated.
So far I had 7 submissions, all rejected.
I’m kinda losing my hope…

All the best

No one that can help me out?
I realy could use some advice.

hi, well , if u ask me the whole thing is lacking refinement and a certain justesse in in the execution. In other words, even if this is not bad when it comes to concept , u need, to have more accurate execution and also make sure that the whole thing looks really good visually. PLus , sorry to say just that, but for me typo combinations are not working so well either indeed. take a bit more time, work out your thing more and i think that u should be able to make it :wink:

try to simplify the logo, and don’t use gradients in logo (nails…)

well i personally do not think that this is a good idea indeed … most of the time, if u do not use any gradient, then u are basically sticking to flat colors and this is also very often leading to flat designs too …

Thanks guys! I’ll use that advice in my next logo’s.

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this is a positive attitude :wink: