Two mixes, but which...

… or somewhere in the middle, maybe - :confused:

help from some fresh ears needed please :ear: :wink:

It’s the first two tracks on my Soundcloud page:

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Hello here , the track is really good , the only thing is the fact that here the drums are too Intrusive !
very just a bit ! there needs percussion !

Thanks for the reply.

I’m just tweaking it now and adding some percussion.

Yet another version :grin:
I must stop this, upload and move on!

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The track is very good , no doubt !!! but here you have a whole lot of drums , if you want to earn a lot then you need to do ( straight kick ) this makes the commercial sound ! and the drums are better in other songs to use ( for example rock or something ) . I repeat that this is a very cool track , it will approved !!! but will have very few sales ((( how sad it may sound )))

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Do you mean less volume?
less drums… too much going on?

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look , my advice , replace the drum part to straight kick :slight_smile:

Ok, fair enough, I’ll have a go and see how it sounds.

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