Two logos rejected and i'd like to know why please

I created two logos with Inkscape rejected from envato. I’d like to know what’s wrong please, because no explanation was submitted. How can I correct my next project if i don’t know where the errors are?


If I’m honest, they need a lot of work. They don’t look professionally done, especially the top one. The colours arent very appealing, the designs themselves are boring and poorly realised, the fonts don’t really fit and lack creativity.

However, please don’t let that stop you from improving, you need a lot of practice, so keep going, but maybe hold off from trying to submit more here until you get a bit more experience with design.


i guess that the best advice in fronton this is jut to spend a whole lot of time to train properly and also to have a look at what is done in the market to both inspire and analyze what is trendy

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Thanks, you were pretty clear.

Thanks for your suggestions, a constructiv criticism is always appreciated