Two logos in a row got rejected, someone please advice why?


I created this logo and decided to sell it here on graphic river, but it got rejected, can someone please tell me whats wrong with it? … i am using bebas neue font

hi for me this is a matter of typo, this is too flat and not original enough , not combining fonts enough too, however u have a very cool base to work with in my view, i like the illustration part indeed … i think that you should use some common colors between the name and “tagline” in one side and the illustration in the other side

Thank you for your feedback, i never thought it could be how the logo look like, i thought they don’t care how good the logo looks like in terms of design, because this is up to the buyer i guess, but anyways, good to know that it matters.

Yea, your items need to have a certain level of quality to be accepted on Envato. Of course it makes sense that the buyer decides if they like it or not, but we also don’t want to flood the market with lower quality items and make it harder for people to find the good stuff. Envato isn’t the only company that does this, all of the top graphic resource sites do this in various ways.

Not saying your logo isn’t good, because I do actually like it, just giving you a bit more info.


yes what u mentioned is true , now he is obviously feeling frustration from the rejection , what anybody can understand … when u do your best , sometimes this is a very saddening thing that the item does not make it …

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What i want to say is that the logo is not that bad, and if it is about the typeface, i think in my art direction point of view, that it works with the emblem when its flat, modern, minimal font, i dont want to crowd the logo with tons of effects and styles for the typeface, then why would they reject it?

yes u are free and free to have your item rejected lol they have their own standards … normally they like the minimal style except when it comes to typo … if u ask me minimal things are the very worst things that u can think of doing unless your goal is to have designers being replaced by stupid machines and automated services … now if u really want to run unemployed pls go ahead … u are free , free to shoot a bullet in your own foot if u feel like it …