Two items: One, Verify Install Procedures; Two, Re: tax exempt status can I get the sales tax back?

So I have downloaded two zip files and the pdf with the license. I am running my WordPress website on and normally when you upload a Theme you just upload a zip file and WordPress does the rest. But I see folders in the one zip file that don’t apply such as Mac OS. Will that effect the install? Should I unzip the file and upload the stuff in the Dunamis folder only? Dunamis is the Theme that I bought for our church.

Unrelated to install, but I would like to ask. As we are a church we have tax exempt status. Can I send somebody the tax exempt form and get my sale tax back?

  1. follow the link here to get the ‘Installable WordPress file only’ if you just want the theme zipped up

  2. you’d need to talk to support about your payment, but I doubt it’s something that envato themselves can do