Two Flyers Rejected

Luxury Flyer & 8March Flyer rejected, you know why ?
For a flyer with bleed need guidlines ?

There’s some branding (Absolut Vodka) visible in the Luxury poster. thats the first thing I saw when wondering why they might reject you design. They would almost certainly flag that up with you…

Last year I uploaded a photo to photodune with the smallest half-logo ever and they noticed it and flagged it up with me. Simply got rid of that and resubmitted (they accepted).

As for the second poster, they may have rejected it due to the “8th March Party” part not being editable.

On a side note… “Free Drinks” and “Free Parking”?? That nightclub shouldn’t be encouraging drink driving. haha. :slight_smile:

The first design is good, but the text hierarchy is out.

Or the 10th of MAY is fine, but the 18+… part is out.

The Nightclub, part might be offputting as well? But l am not sure about that.

And as @StantonandaStock, has said, most likely the inedible text perspective being way out, is the reason for that one.


Sorry, what mean “out”, out of bleed? Need guidlines? I don’t have guidlines on PSD.
Thanx very much.