two designs hard rejected, help me :(

I personally like these designs, the sad part is the team rejected it and say “doesn’t meet their market’s standers”
one upload I have succeeded to upload is drawing but had 4 rejected items (2business cards, 1ID card, 1certificate). and these are all my attempts (5), one succeeded

please, guys, look into the tow designs above and help me understand the reason behind the hard rejection



With respect the design is very basic and outdated

Typography needs a lot of work esp. font choices and typography

Really not sure about the grey background version


This is better but still has issues with design basics lie typography, alignment and margins

e.g. the QR/Signature (and the copy above) etc. is not central, has inconsistent margins and is far too bunched together vertically

It’s very hard to evaluate the detail in these mock ups

i do not agree with u , i do not see anything outdated right here and font choices are at least making sense and look rather modern, they are in keeping with the style …
besides sorry to say just that but i do not know how u could judge in deep details the typo with such a bad low res preview … not to mention that the lack of contrast between the texts are the background are not helping …
now there are issues about the hierarchy of information as nothing is outstanding , not to mention that some info seem to be lacking …
the part with the qr code and texts right next to it is not breathing at all and this is badly organized for texts to be readable since he was forced into putting them in too small a size so that he could put everything out there…
the signature is too close from the edge