Two copied sait

I purhased 2 licence theme for two domain. I made sait on 1 domain and other copied from another.
Need I reinstall theme from other sait or I сould bought licence just only.


If you already used your purchased 2 license for 2 different domian then for a new domian you have to purchase a new license. But If you have 1 license remian to use then no need to purchase just download the theme from themeforest your download page and install the theme in your domian and register the theme using remian license.


I have 2 license for 2 same theme. I made sait on 1 domain (with 1 license) and other copied from another.
I want to have 2 similar site on two different domain.
Is it enough just buying a second license to automatically activate it on the second domain? If not, how can reinstall 2 license without data lose?

yes, you can. just buy a new license and activate the license for that domain.

As I understand it, I don’t have to do anything else

As I understand it, I don’t have to do anything else? It is question.

As you have 2 license for your 2 domian then all will be fine. You can continue with the theme for your 2 domian. Just if you like to get Autoupdate features then just you can register the theme using your purchased code (license code). Hope you clear now. Thanks

How can I register theme using my purchased code (license code). Where can I give my purchased code (license code).


you can check this article:


Thank you.
Excuse me for troubling.

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