two and a half months of hard work, and 18 days review + hard reject =)

You are absolutely right!) I unscrew the equalizer very extremely, sometimes I do (dry wet) by half. Of course, this is not the perfect mix) If they give Reject, I will know that I need to become even stronger if the reviewer would share his advice would be great! Often comes a matter of taste, and everyone will not like it … As for the time of creation, everything is not unequivocally, I think … There are bright examples on AJ authors who released 10-20 tracks for 6 years and one of them hit the top of the sale … And there are authors who stamp tracks like at the factory for 7 per day … let everyone choose their own approach in their musical creativity …

I really love to experiment, which I probably get rejected for (to be honest, I don’t really like mixing) … but each project is something new … and always makes me look for fresh methods …


Actually, there are good ideas, but sound seems a little messy. Instead of focusing on an idea, several ideas came together at the same time. It is this confusion a little. There is also a lead melody in the middle. This is it looks a little scratching. I hope you don’t get mad at me because of my comments. You just have to keep working like we all do.

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Just change the intro pluck sound to something more “expensive sounding”, like, literally, browse through the pluck presets in your favorite synth, shouldn’t take long to find a better fit. Try playing the guitar section using that same new pluck sound or process the guitar some more, make it more mushy, it needs to distract us enough so we don’t realize it’s not a live instrument. Perhaps lower its volume a bit. Maybe some more reverb on the wobbly synth, too. Apart from that, I loved it, really cool arrangement, a punchy mix and definitely has its audience among the content creators. I’d approve it.

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Now it seems to me that Hi hat has too much high and sticks out in the chorus?

Well, if you are trying to make a living from music licensing, you have to be like a factory. Having one single track that pay your bills is very unlikely.