Can I use Envato Music with an intermission screen? And save the stream on Twitch account repeat viewing? Which Music license is needed?

You can read all about music licenses here;

I am lost when it come to this stuff and not trying to be a pain. Any input to the following would help greatly. My usage would be within Twitch streaming.
…Each usage of each item [music/sound effect], requires a site registration for each project/end product [saved or unsaved stream].

So with each of my “live” Twitch stream, I need to complete a site registration each time an item is used… even if the stream is saved or unsaved for future offline viewing. Example… if the use a music file with my “live” stream intermission/pause screen, and I have 5 intermission/pauses during the stream… I must complete 5 site registrations for that item or just one time. And is that the same for sound effects. If I use an effect for a new follower alert, and I get 15 new followers during the “live” stream… then what… 15 site registrations.

I believe a standard license is what I should be using for my Twitch streams?
Would an unsaved stream be consider a project/end product?
Is there a way to purchase that music file once without continues registrations?

Using these file within live streams may not be the best usage.

I would say Music Broadcast license is ok, but it depends the audience too, this one cover till 1 million. Standard license doesnt cover Broadcast.
And one license is ok, if you go to 5 intermission/pauses this doesnt mean five end projects. It is the same project.

A license is needed even if the “live” stream is not saved for future viewing. Because the “live” stream is consider to be an end project. Right? I will read the Broadcast licence. Thanks for your help and understanding.